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QLD Property Transfer Duty

Transfer Duty is the tax paid on the transfer of an asset, such as a commercial property, a residential property or a farm, or other real estate, between two parties. 

Where there is a relationship between the two parties (such as a  sale between parents to children or brother to sister or vice versa) , then often the sale is deemed to be not at arm’s length. 

Then we can help by providing a property valuation for transfer duty purposes.

The valuation will provide the correct figure on which the duty will be assessed.  

Expert evidence

“Parties wanting to use expert evidence and expert witnesses in a proceeding should be familiar with the Evidence Act 1995 (including Part 3.3) and Part 23 of the Federal Court Rules 2011 (Rules).

The Federal Court has also issued a number of practice notes which provide guidance on the use of expert evidence, which parties and their lawyers should be familiar with before seeking to prepare any expert evidence for use in the Court.”

Insurance and your property

It is important for homeowners to ensure that they have property protection by insuring their property for current reinstatement value. This can be done by getting a valuer to undertake an Insurance Assessment.

Another advantage of obtaining an Insurance Assessment from an independent Registered Valuer is to avoid paying too much for insurance premiums. For strata titled properties such as units and townhouses, this is now a legal requirement.

We can provide you with an Insurance Assessment. Simply call 0431 245460 to arrange an inspection.

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